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Nitta Products Delivering superior product performance for our customers.


Nitta has an array of products specially developed to address the requirements across a wide and varied array of industries. These include textile, paper processing, printing, banking, logistics and numerous general industry applications.

Nitta is the innovative leader in product development and we draw on our 135 years of R&D expertise to design a solution meeting all expectations.

Industries served

Did You Know ?

NittaYou can learn more about us, our products and services on our social media profiles.

NittaNittas newly launched NB-series of Polysprint belts is ideally suited for paper sheeter applications.


The Nitta Advantage

Ensuring superior performance and value for our customers through these principles.

  • Highest Quality Products
  • R&D for New Product Development
  • Adaptability and Problem Solving
  • Testing Programmes
  • Technical Design and Support
  • Exceptional Value Based Solutions
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