1885 AD – A Year of New Starts

  • The first gasoline-driven engine achieved a patent in Germany. Gottlieb Daimler was the engineer to invent this machine. Later in the year he brought a so-called “Riding-Car” to public, a forrunner of our modern motorcyles. The age of the motorization had started.
  • Louis Pasteur for the very first time healed a boy from hydrophobia by a vaccine he invented. The age of vaccines had started.
  • Hiram Maxim invented the first full-functional machine gun. The age of modern war had started.
  • In Austria, first laws to protect the factory workers were enacted. The working time was limited to 11 hours a day, and night shifts were prohibited for women and adolescents. The age of social laws had started.
  • The US-American Industrial George Eastman invented the roll film, as well as the Kodak-Camera, in which the film could be used. The age of modern reporting had started.
  • In Berlin, the first German powerplant for private houshold use was started up. The age of electrified housholds had started.
  • On March 18, 1885, Mr. Chojiro Nitta founded in Osaka a company for leather tanning.  This company, which is still the eldest manufacturer of belting products in Japan, become prosperous and grew to the today’s worldwide working Nitta Corporation. No new age had started, but it is a good reason to celebrate.


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