DistributionCentersWebsiteIn order to extend the lifetime of tubes in spot welding applications, Nitta developed a new type of tube which features a much higher flexibility compared to both Nittas previous tubes for the application as well as competitor products – the FUK series.

Existing tubes for spot welding applications achieve their flame resistance through a bi-layer structure with a flame resistant outer layer. Problems can occur with this structure due to peeling off of the outer layer as the result of kinks or bends of the material, which can severely damage the outer layer.

The new FUK tube was developed specifically as a countermeasure to this. It consists of a polyurethane inner layer with a thin flame-resistant elastomer on the outside. This allows for a much more flexible product in comparison while still retaining the same flame resistance properties (compliance with V-0 of UL94 standard) for the application. The result is smaller bending radii, leading to a much higher resistance to kinks and bends and a longer lifetime and greatly reduced peeling of the flame resistant outer layer. At the same time, the inner diameter remains large, allowing for an increased flow of coolant and high cooling efficiency.

Nittas FUK tubes are available from 6 x 4 mm (Outer and Inner Diameter) up to 12 x 8.5 mm in a variety of colors.

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