Nitta NB series With the LB70 Series, Nittas newest addition to the Linemate line of Hydraulic Hoses is even more flexible and allows for more compact piping.

Compared to wire-braided rubber hoses, Nittas Linemate line of Hydraulic hoses, made from resin, provides its users with a more flexible product while exhibiting very high bend resistance at the same time. This is due to the inner core, flexible but highly durable synthetic fiber layers. In addition, these resin hoses offer a lighter weight and a highly abrasion resistant polyurethane cover material, leading to high lifetime and longer replacement cycles even in very demanding applications.

With the newest addition to the lineup, the LB70-series, the advantages in flexibility are even more pronounced, offering up to 25% higher flexibility compared to previous resin hose lines and thus even more compact designs for machine tool piping. This holds true even in comparison to the LF70 series of high flexibility hoses, showing only ca. 60% of its bending force required for a 180° bend at a 45mm bending radius, making it Nittas most flexible hose by a large margin.

Nitta NB series The LB70 series is available from sizes 04 (6.4mm Inner Diameter, 10.5mm Outer Diameter) up to 16 (25.7mm ID, 33.4mm OD). It can be equipped with Nittas series of swage type steel couplings (SA, SE, SF, AE45, AE90 series).

Get the brochure with technical specifications of the LB70 series here.

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