XHTG-WebsNot just since the advent of eCommerce has the paper and packaging sector been one of the fastest growing markets for the belting industry, demanding high quality belting products that fit the industries unique requirements. It comes as no surprise that Nitta is continuously developing new products and product improvements for this growing market.

The Polysprint range is no exception with several new Products already unveiled this year. Polysprint is the name of Nittas range of finger-splicable belts with polyester fabric core. With this, we are bringing the advantages of Polysprint such as high bending flexibility and an easy and fast joining process to the paper and packaging industry, improving belt performance and lifetime and decreasing maintenance downtime for our customers. Now XHTG-15E34 is the latest product to join this range.


Detail of XHTG-15E34 top and bottom surfaces
Detail of XHTG-15E34 top and bottom surfaces

Using the same soft nitrile rubber that Nitta is well-known for in the paper and cardboard handling industries, XHTG-15E34 has the same high resistance against abrasion while offering high and stable grip. Filling a similar niche to the Nitta NLG GH series, while also providing the above mentioned advantages of Polysprint, XHTG-15E34 is ideally suited for table-supported conveyors in paper and cardboard handling industries, counter-ejectors and under-stackers.

This new product development joins the ranks of our existing Polysprint lineup for the paper and cardboard handling industries. RT-22E70-2, announced earlier this year, provides superior flexibility and excellent grip with its rough top rubber surface, especially in corrugated cardboard handling such as Flexo Folder Gluers. The XH-8E series offers high bending durability and Nittas abrasion resistant soft rubber, with a proven track record in folder gluer applications.

XHTG-15E34 is available now at Nitta Europe. Like with all Polysprint belts, we offer a range of tools, including finger punchers, heating and cooling presses as well as several accessories. We also offer the Polysprint toolkit, including all the necessary tools to make high quality belt joints.

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