ZSThumbOur new development, Zeroseam, is a combination of unique features that makes it the ideal belt for the equally unique challenges presented by the spiral paper tube winding industry.

The new line of Zeroseam belts is manufactured using a newly developed moldless production process. It allows us to manufacture rubber covered endless belts without joint, but with freely configurable length according to customer specifications. With this we can offer a clear advantage over our existing lineup of seamless belts, which is limited by available production sizes and surface materials. All this combined with our proprietary rubber compound with the best abrasion resistance in the market.

Due to its seamless structure, the Zeroseam belt offers high flexibility, even under low temperature conditions. The belt consists of a structured rubber surface and a polyamide fabric and has a special cord as its tension member. The surface material of structured rubber, possessing high grip and high abrasion resistance, is produced according to Nitta’s in house formulation. It is a variation of the rubber compound used in Nitta Polybelt and Polysprint lines. These features are for ideally suited for the tube winding industry, with high flexibility and grip lowering the necessary machine power and allowing for extended lifetime of the belt.

For its launch, Zeroseam belts are available in three configurations with different thickness and tension classes, with more belt types under development. New developments – not only for the tube winding industry – with variations of material and surface structure offer us and our customers many possibilities to explore with Zeroseam in the near future.

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