Nitta NB seriesProfit from excellent tension retention, edge and surface abrasion resistance. With Polysprint NB-2E10 and Polysprint NB-2E14, we put two new TPU covered belts on the market uniquely suited for paper sheeting applications.

The TPU cover material of our new NB series offers properties specifically needed for paper handling applications with its high resistance against abrasion. A key feature required by these applications is a stable friction over a long period of time in order to accurate and even feeding of paper. That is why due to the abrasiveness of paper, one of the most important determining factors of the lifetime is the abrasion resistance of the cover material – a focus in our development of this new series of belts.

NB-2E10 and NB-2E14 are part of the growing Polysprint lineup of finger-spliced belts. With their Polyester tension member they can offer a much higher tension retention rate than comparable Nylon tension member belts, another important feature in increasing the lifetime in applications with high running speeds.

Both types are now available globally through Nitta.

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