Nitta NB series Nitta brings the advantages of the RT (rough top) series of Polybelts for the paper and cardboard handling industries to the finger-spliced Polysprint range – RT-22E70-2, the newest member of the RT family.

Using the same rubber formula that is used in the RT-Polybelt series, for example on the RT-300, RT-22E70-2 shares the high grip and high resistance to abrasive substrates that the RT series is well-known for and which are vital for the target applications such as corrugators and flexo folder gluer machines. On top of that, with three polyester fabric layers, RT-22E70-2 can be joined with a strong, stable finger-joint. This offers customers the option of an easy and quick process for joining belts on-site.

Nitta NB series As an effect of this joining process, RT-22E70-2 has both a significantly higher bending radius and a higher twisting durability than its Polybelt “brothers”, translating to a longer lifetime and faster possible operation speed.

With this new type of finger-splicable belt comes new equipment specifically suited for it. The FP70-10-100RT can handle belt thickness of up to 7mm and belt width of up to 100mm, which allows for easy splicing of the RT-22E70-2 on-site.

Get the datasheet here or contact us to learn more about RT-22E70-2 and other Nitta products and services.

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