Super flexible tubes for spot welding – FUK Tubes

August 6, 2018

In order to extend the lifetime of tubes in spot welding applications, Nitta developed a new type of tube which features a much higher flexibility compared to both Nittas previous tubes for the application as well as competitor products – the FUK series. Existing tubes for spot welding applications achieve their flame resistance through a … Continue reading “Super flexible tubes for spot welding – FUK Tubes”

Three ways Nitta belts improve distribution center efficiency

July 23, 2018

In large distribution centers, miles of conveyors are essential to moving goods out the door quickly. Speed and parcel orientation are of paramount importance, and the precise routing of individual packages is critical. Much attention and careful design go into the layout of a distribution center: at various stages in the conveyor system, belts with … Continue reading “Three ways Nitta belts improve distribution center efficiency”

LB70 High flexibility hose for compact piping

July 9, 2018

With the LB70 Series, Nittas newest addition to the Linemate line of Hydraulic Hoses is even more flexible and allows for more compact piping. Compared to wire-braided rubber hoses, Nittas Linemate line of Hydraulic hoses, made from resin, provides its users with a more flexible product while exhibiting very high bend resistance at the same … Continue reading “LB70 High flexibility hose for compact piping”

RT-22E70-2 – New addition to the RT-family

June 13, 2018

Nitta brings the advantages of the RT (rough top) series of Polybelts for the paper and cardboard handling industries to the finger-spliced Polysprint range – RT-22E70-2, the newest member of the RT family. Using the same rubber formula that is used in the RT-Polybelt series, for example on the RT-300, RT-22E70-2 shares the high grip … Continue reading “RT-22E70-2 – New addition to the RT-family”

New Nitta belts for sheeter applications

May 18, 2018

Profit from excellent tension retention, edge and surface abrasion resistance. With Polysprint NB-2E10 and Polysprint NB-2E14, we put two new TPU covered belts on the market uniquely suited for paper sheeting applications. The TPU cover material of our new NB series offers properties specifically needed for paper handling applications with its high resistance against abrasion. … Continue reading “New Nitta belts for sheeter applications”